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I was born in New York City, my parents are from the island of Puerto Rico and are descendants of the Taino culture, who were the first indigenous peoples encountered by Christopher Columbus.  Ancient Taino art was the inspiration for my research in archeology, art and ceremony of indigenous cultures.

My cultures represent shamanic symbology.  They are not literal interpretations of cultural or religious beliefs, but are my own expressions based on my spiritual journey and studies of the Old World cultures and those of the ancient Americas.

Having a deep appreciation for the artistic traditions of the ancient cultures, I create sculpture with the intent of honoring the Ancient Ones and Creation.  My intent also is that its form and sacredness reflects beauty and harmony in people's lives.

Utilizing multiple media forms, natural and organic components are combined with the energies of the natural and the abstract worlds.  Thus, this sacred harmony is united and the embodiment of these energies in sculptural form often evokes in individuals ancient memories, their connection with creation, and unique emotions.  The energy felt in my work by others is in my opinion an extension of their own spiritual union to nature, the abstract, and the ancient.

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