Elida Hanson-Finelli

I grew up in a small and what was then rural community of New Jersey, not very far from New York City.  Leaving there in the late 60's and moving to Manhattan where I began my lengthy flying career as an "Air Hostess" for TWA.  The next move was to Los Angeles in 1970, however I commuted to and continued flying International out of JFK, New York.  


Working for the Airlines allowed me freedoms, travel and a means by which to experience the world, yet I soon realized that although well suited for my flying career, I needed a creative venue in my life.  


My Photography adventure began in the early 70's when I took a few photography classes at Los Angeles City College and then later at "Art Center School of Design", in Pasadena.  Although I am primarily self taught, I have been deeply and appreciatively influenced by the many many inspired photographers and artists who have gifted the world with their visions.  Most of my photography until I retired out of American Airlines in 2013 was commercial; weddings, portraits, interiors and events.

We moved to Taos in 2009 for a myriad of reasons; one being to afford ourselves this environment of creativity and quietude.  Since having retired my more creative and artistic work has begun.  This time in my life has been granted like a fine gift to explore and document the beauty I see and feel around me.  My husband of many years, is a diversely creative man and very supportive of all my endeavors.

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